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As a motivated and passionate Real Estate agent in the Austin, TX area, my goal is to provide a stress-free and fun experience for my clients who are leasing a new home.  After moving many times myself, I understand the process can be overwhelming at times, and that’s one of the reasons I began this career. 

After graduating with my bachelor’s degree in Kansas City, MO, I began working in various sales roles. During this time, I have learned to develop unique ways of accomplishing tasks by utilizing my resources, collaborating to find creative “out of the box” solutions, and keeping my customers satisfied by going above and beyond what’s required.  You can always find my name at the top of the list of high performers.  I’m passionate about my work and meeting the needs and goals of my clients. I work best with a foundation of trust.

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling both nationally and internationally, taking a good yoga class, finding hiking trails, or simply spending time with good company.  I also really enjoy volunteering and giving back, particularly with youth.  CASA, and GENAustin are organizations that I’ve found rewarding to donating my time and resources.

Home should be your paradise: somewhere to find comfort and something to cherish. I look forward to working together to find yours!


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